Monday, July 18, 2016

Slave tracking app

I am infected by the idea to build my own slave tracking app. I made a poll at twitter. A lot of visitor wanted me to build one. Have a look here:

Now it is your turn, which features should been included?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Teamviewer Story Part 2

Lets goon. My Teamviewer slave is a really "smart" boy. He has more than one account at his pc and thought i do not recognize that he uses the the secound one while he is locked down the first one.

This is a nice reason for some punishment. As i know he is a wanna be sissy with a lot of equipment but not many rituals. So send him my sissy quick check. 6 easy questions to be answerd by yes or no. He had to count the number of no. This number was the time he had to kneel at rice. The result looks like that.

How long he had to kneel? Your comment NOW.

Next step is now that he has to start getting rid of his body hair. Smooth clean skin looks so much more girly like than wearing a bear costume. But i think this will last for some time he is at the point he really go for it.

Now he has the assignment to make a little bit more risky pic at work. I am looking Forward to this. Alternative is time to think, but without his pc.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Teamviewer Story Part 1

German boys are always fun. They can be good boys but they have to learn it. Here is a story of one of my slaves. For this story he is from Magdeburg former GDR.

Some months ago he asked me for a Teamviewer session. I told him he should look at: Teamviewer

He told me he wants to be complete under control. Thats fine for me. We discussed my fee and he agreed to pay. Only one questen we left open: How long will he be locked down?

There is a exit option, so there is no need to discuss a hard end of his lock down.

After some time, better months, he was just fine and payed by Amazon giftcard.

Next day we started a session with TV. He is a sissy and fixed to satin. I was looking around his hdds and had a look onto his file. Sissy file, cracked software ....

After making some system checkes for my next steps i closed the session. This took about one hour.

By the time we had some sessions. Because he was complaining about that he can this and that, i had to do more restrictions. Also he has to learn to be a good boy, so he has to earn rights by good behavior.

Now he forgot payday and was late with a assignment. So i had to close down his account for 2 days.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blackmail chastity special for Xmas

It is not new but i like it more and more. As you know i do not make all this because in need your money, no, no. I do this because i deserved your money. So to blackmail someone to open his wallet and take his money is much fun, but hie always can chicken out buy paying his fee.

Much the same thing is to take care about a key of a pin dick cage. Keyholding, tease and denial is great but the looser also has the option to pay.

Now it is time to make the fun heaten up a little bit. Now for christmas i offer a special.

Blackmail Chastity

 We will discuss your limits of chastity. You will all the nasty information that i need to blackmail you and the fun starts. You will put on you chastity cage and there will no way out before time has goon.

I you are a good boy i will destroy your information after the discussed period. But bad boys will be exposed as the loser they are. 

And the best comes last. You are will decide how much you want to pay for my service.

Just use the contact form and we start you fun!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


You have a problem? You are always online, watching porn all day? You need control of your habits? You crave to see some one else is using your computer? This is the point Teamviewer sessions are the right choice  

What types of Teamviewer sessions are there? 

First we will discuss your experience and your needs. There are several types of Teamviewer sessions.
  1. I just will go to your pc and have a look. I will not install software. May be i will stop you from using your mouse or keyboard. 
  2. I will go to your PC and have more in detail look. I will stop you from using your mouse or keyboard. May be i will black screen you for some time to give you a little more intense thrill. 
  3. I will create a new account, so can always enter your pc. I will start to change some things to help you getting more focused on worshipping me. 
  4. I will have my own account and there will be the first software installed to help me train you. 
  5. Full lock down. You will only be able to do what i allow. 

What is pc lock down?

Lock down a computer is like chastity. If your clity is locked away you nor can use it for your fun. At a pc it is not on off but there a more option. For example i can stop you from watching porn sites. Or you will have to do some FOW to be allowed to go to the internet for a amount of time.

What tasks i may want you to do?

All kind of bdsm actions can be required to get privilege to use your pc. It will be part of our first discussion to see what is the right thing for you.

How long does a Teamviewer session take? 

There 2 options. One time session. This will be type 1 or 2. Long time sessions can be infinite. But we will discuss your limits and i will not forget them.

At the point you want to chicken out, what can you do? 

For type 3-5 Session there will be a chicken out fee. We will discuss this. After paying i will clean up your pc and give you back all your rights.

You are new to that? 

Give it a try! We will discuss many things in front and during the session, so i will have fun and you will get your kick.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Assignment for business losers

From time to time i am in this mood! If i see a dapper business man i get wet. I think about how much he is and if he would be able to satisfiy me. Baut first of all i like business suites.

You are a business amn who wants to make wet?

Buy this assignment for just 3 $ at Niteflirt and we both will have some fun.

Monday, February 23, 2015

WANTED: Web Developer Save

Looking for helping hands. As my slaves know, no money no attention. This is a very simple but Important rule. But today there is a exception. Today i am looking a other Kind of  tribute

Web Developer Job

Today i am looking for a slave who can beusefull for me in an other way. I am looking for a slave who can help me in developing HTML, js and CSS. If you are good you will get some free treatment.

I have so many ideas but not enough time to do this work. And weh sould i do that if a slave boy can be honored by giving him this job.

 Send me a message telling me your experience and a example of your work.